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Why was One Health Accident + Injury created?

We created One Health Accident + Injury as a way to provide attorneys exceptional doctors throughout the Greater Phoenix and surrounding area. We  have a comprehensive practice designed for the Accident + Injury market.  We have a diversity of medical providers with our clinics that are positioned in strategic locations throughout Phoenix.  Our goal is to make your job easier through real-time medical documenting and providing ethical, quality care.

Our doctors have received additional training in effectively communicating diagnosis, treatment, progress and release status in their reports. We have spent time reviewing best practices including timelines, referral options and compliance issues. Our efforts have ensured that our network doctors produce documentation that matches the excellence in treatment they were already giving their patients.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Program Benefits:


Patient centered Accident + Injury Care throughout Phoenix

Imaging facilities with convenient scheduling for your clients

Chiropractic Care and Pain Management Specialists in our clinics

Work Directly with Individual Doctors (No Middleman)

Peace of mind by knowing patient’s will receive quality care

Diagnostic Lab and Specialty Pharmacy In-House

Real-Time Patient Medical Records


Debbie Vigilante

Business and Market
Development Manager

If you should have further questions please call our Business and Market Development Manager, Debbie Vigilante.

Debbie Vigilante
Business and Market Development Manager
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Meet Our Medical Staff


Nasser Hajaig, MD

Director of Medical Operations

Robert Lanier, DC

Director, Accident & Injury Care

Dennis Day, DC


Mark Palazzo, DC


John Cory, MD